Session 035 - Pure thought


Hello Son,

What are the biggest difference from now and the new world of the fifth dimension?

It is a deep question and the answer is, ‘thought’. How whole perception in life is based around thought and the lack of not knowing. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring. There is nobody in the world today who can give an accurate daily assessment for tomorrow. Instead we could only give the main points, for example going to work and then coming home, having dinner etc. But what happens in between this, what will you say to your colleagues and who will you meet, and at what time. We simply do not know as the third dimensional thought is limiting our vision and the things that we do.

The third dimensional thought is so wrapped up in a rigid routine developed by the dark lords that spiritual growth is purposely denied to you. Alas, for this is going to be no more as the internet, and the new age literature has exploded into life. The book shelves are full of incredible reading material of the new world.

You need to ask yourselves, how could this happen? The answer is, the dark lords have lost control and their power is so small that we can easily ignore their final battle. Their only defence is the media which they still control. However, even the broadcasters are fed up of all the lies and so they are moving to broadcast on the internet. The truth is out there, just that we need to look at the right resources.

Were we talking about thought?

Yes, remember our thought is limited as our genes are not fully awakened. (Remember the genes contain the knowledge of all things and the heart holds the highest knowledge of all) They limit the progress we can make as our vision is restricted. If we remove this veil, the inner sight and thought will expand so much that it will become limitless. There is nothing the mind cannot do.

However, the reason why in my last few channellings I have mentioned this strongly is because, why not learn how to do this quickly, rather than last minute. The Creator cannot give you this gift straight away, because the body will simply break apart. We are given this little by little so that we, the body, can tolerate the changes.

What should we do first, so that our readers can all benefit?

Because thought is so important, it has to be pure and not unpredictable. When we say unpredictable, we mean consistency and not up and down emotions; as this leads to confusements, which is sad for me to bear. I can feel your torment and I wish all these changes can happen to you sooner, but this choice has to be made by you. The first action is on your part, the first step all of you have to make.

Sadly we have also learnt to put our upsets to the back of our minds, as we have carried these burdens for so long. Yet by putting them to the back, has meant that we have not really solved them but have tolerated them.

I have a surprise for you, that is, this era all your problems can be solved, I promise you. The planet too wants this to happen; you will find the answers this time. Before nothing could be solved, but this time is different, just believe and the solutions will come to you……smile because it’s worth smiling about.

This is my answer and at a later date I will add some more suggestions later.

I pray that your lives will become easier and that the Creator will shine His light onto those who you care about, so that they too may understand and that your burdens and pains are no more.

Your mother in peace; the secrets are given.