Session 034 - The Love of the Creator


Hello Son,

Did we not say that you were special?

The Creator always guides those who have made a sacrifice in their lives. We have answered your cry for help and the universe has responded with your need. This immediate action and your high intuitive perception has made this possible.

I applaud you because your cry for help was not based on any kind of greed but pure sacrifice. The Creator will continuously reward you and at this moment is embracing you with all His love.

As you type these words, He is transferring His energy, vibration and light into every cell of your body. Love will fill every microscopic part of every cell of the body; by the end of the day this will manifest and permeate slowly, mingling and connecting with other cells to revive and energise them. You will be a different person as this transformation will take hold.

Keep the thoughts you have that made it possible inside your mind and all the people who are reading this, let it be a lesson on sacrifice.

The Creator wishes to add that this type of sacrifice made by the author does not happen to everyone. But do not despair as he is the one who is guiding you and subconsciously responding to all your needs. Do not let him go as he speaks the truth. Look how he has transformed the lives and awakened so many in such a short space of time. This is because his presence is enough to awaken those who are pure of heart and hold no grievance or jealousy against him. Embrace him as your brother, friend and inspired teacher who has made it all possible for you.

The Creator wishes to praise him at this time and make it all public to those who should know. You are all so lucky.

Your Creator, who holds dear to His heart your dreams, wishes, prayers and love. He will guide you to the end of the world with every step as you tread carefully with wisdom and patience. May His love embrace everyone who reads this message and especially to the author who made it possible. I bid you farewell until we meet in person.