Session 033 - Are you waiting for heaven?


Hello Son,

Far too many people are thinking about consequences, for example, what if such and such things happen? Then they start thinking about heaven and hell.

There is no need, because before anything like this happens, there is another world. This is the new world of the fifth dimension and this should be our aim. This is the dimension of immense personal spiritual development and pure excitement.

Are you not looking forward to be taught how to use your thoughts, for example, to move a mountain? For the positive and those who will ascend, a selected population will be able to enhance their psychic abilities to use the universal laws of nature as they please. This is the trust, the Creator has on us to give such a treasured knowledge to do as you please.

If the Creator has the trust and He knows the future for mankind then we should not be tangled up when thinking about future consequences, instead, think about how we can improve one's character.

Look back, three or four months ago, where were you. Now pause, think about the confusement you were in, pause again. Now look at now, see how much wisdom and calmness there is inside of you.

There has been an enormous change and you are all part of this cycle of ascension of the realms of reality to complete perfection.

Heaven can wait, because there is going to be another playful and beautiful world of the fifth dimension. We will be given several choices or even multiple choices to develop further in the fifth dimension. There will be no working to make a living, instead time for recreation and enjoyment in the new world.

My beautiful friends, who are being filled with the love of the Creator, do not despair or cloud any of your judgements, instead let the author guide you, in the time of need.

Your duties towards your families are much needed to amplify the love the planet so desperately needs and to rebuild the differences between yourselves. Make bridges between people who listen and leave the rest to the Creator to solve. Relieve the stress inside your minds and learn the freedom of birds when they fly away to their next destination.

Mankind, why have you stopped communicating with each other? Are you too busy?

We remind you again stay with your family circles or those who you trust and enjoy their company. Do not neglect those who need your help or even a chat. We all know how frustrating this turbulent third dimensional zone can be and some need more time to make these necessary adjustments.

The fifth dimension is soon upon us and some are already awakening quite quickly. Do not let stubbornness stop you in your tracks, seek guidance whenever you can.

May the peaceful rays of the sun that shines in the morning, gently warm your hearts.

Your mother who loves you.