Session 032 - We Respond


Hello Son,

We, this means the author and I are responding to your needs. These are;

Daily queries,
Material guidance,
Spiritual guidance,
The present times,
The future outcome,
The new world,
Cosmic changes and personal development.

We have increased the channelling on the website to satisfy your hunger for information, for which we have been extremely impressed by. For this we hope you will give thanks.

The Creator too has responded, as you are making the necessary steps to cleanse the mind for the preparation of the new fifth dimensional world; where purity of thought and love of the Creator will rule your heart.

Your heart will rule when it comes to decision making, then the thought will initiate or start the function of you making an action to do something and make you active.

But, we do this all the time in the material world?

Your question is only half correct, as many do not follow their hearts, instead follow their minds; in doing so, most become vulnerable from influences of the material world and other people/media. We constantly also forget the influences of the dark forces, who have ruled this world for a considerable time.

But they can ONLY mess up your mind and influence your thought. They cannot interfere or influence your heart as it has a lock and key. It is protected by the Creator Himself as it holds the secret of the origin of existence and all the Universal Laws.

But why for so long have they succeeded?

Man is easily influenced and greed rules his life. Especially in the current times, we seem to be plagued by having possessions, or the phrase to describe this is, ‘I’ve got to have this’.
By being lost in the material world, man simply loses his values and the love in which the Creator manifested the world. Look at the rubbish dumps all around the planet; they are getting bigger and bigger. You forget to realise that possessions only gives short term pleasures. This is why you soon get fed up of them and get something again, only to go back to the vicious cycle and getting something again.

The dark forces only succeeded because man let them, as man took their present thinking that, ‘they would make us happy’. As this has been happening for such a long time, it has become part of your DNA structure.

How can mankind turn things around?

By being positive and connecting with your heart, you can remove the disease in your body.

Your mother with an open invitation.