Session 031 - Helping others


Hello Son,

The Creator applauds those who help others and give time to those who need it most. It is a precious gift any person can give to another, in the time of need. Even more precious when that person acts alone and gives help when he was not asked to. This is a higher level thinking; practice it daily, this will elevate you (the reader) to the winning target, of the fifth dimension.

All religions are the same if we read their core values. It's because they come from the same source, that of the Creator. Spreading kindness by ones actions is the most important virtue to have. Seek it and change.

By helping others, we actually help ourselves as the Creator sends his blessing upon you. It is like a shower of violet rays that cleanses ever cell in your body. A tonic revitalises at an instance and relieves all the pressure inside the mind. The mercy of the lord Creator is truly amazing; we should sing his praises every moment of the day.

A kind word,
A smile,
A caring hand,
A loving embrace,
A gift,
A moment of joy,
A happy thought and shared by you,
A moment of forgiveness,
A calm moment.

Seek the pleasure of your Creator; it is He who is guiding yourselves to victory in the new world of the fifth dimensional wonderland.

Your mother who spent most of her adult years, helping others.