Session 030 - Where are you?


Hello Son,

Oh readers, I hope that you are doing more than just reading these articles.

Everything will not come to you by just reading alone.

Do you think that you will receive all the gifts from the Creator on a plate?

Is there still doubt plaguing your mind?

I urge you all to take the messages in these articles seriously.

Reading the messages alone is not enough, I urge you to act upon them. Make the changes in your life, this is essential.

You need to put in the effort, in order to reap the rewards. Don't leave it until the last moment.

Where are you?

Will you not get rid of all the burdens that weigh you down?

Can you not see that mental cleansing is essential for change to take place?

Love holds the key to life, do you embrace this when you speak softly?

Get up and do something that will nourish every cell of your body. Have we not said enough, in all the thousands of words we have written?

Discuss these articles with others. Get excited about them.

Read back and refresh your minds and all the words written months ago as they will inspire you to take action. Do not let the authors time of spending 3, 4 and even 5 hours a day writing these words and working throughout the day, go to a waste. All he wishes is that you have a smile on your faces.

Where are you? Go, get up and take action now!

Your mother I embrace you with all my love, for your devotion.