Session 029 - The New Birth


Hello Son,

This is the birth of you in the fifth dimension and the role you will play. I will explain in parts how this will happen;

Imagine, a person goes to China for a holiday. Immediately he will have language problems and he will not know where to go. He will realise it is a big country, but does not know where the best places to see are. In other words he is a lost tourist unsure where to go or what to do.

As more and more people wake up to the fifth dimension, some will find it like a lost tourist would. In their lives they have been brought up in such difficult circumstances, they will hold some mental scares. Every person will take their thinking approach with them, yes, they will change but it will take some time. But the good news is, this time the recovery will be short.

Not all of mankind will be at the same level in the new world, as most need to adjust and let go of all the barriers that weigh people down.

Freeing your mind is a better expression and let go of your burden, if you can handle it no more. Everyone has a different level of tolerance, but no one should suffer for too long. We have a choice to walk away and start fresh.

This adjustment on how to use the mind, its thoughts and so many other roles in the new world is one of your duties. You have been elevated to teacher status in the fifth dimensional world. When I revealed to you last year, that you will teach thousands of people, well I meant hundred of thousands. This will happen in the new world of love and harmony.

Your patience and excellent abilities as a teacher, it is why you are so well thought off in school, will come useful. It is the love and harmony you project from your presence, captures the children’s minds when they watch you teach. You have incredible natural abilities that have been toned to almost perfection over the years. Saying well done is not suitable enough, but a million praises and roses to match this, better described your reward.

You are a teacher in the fifth dimension, with an ambassadorial role for other planets. I respect you and others should do as well, as this only happens to a select few.

Your mother shining the light to elevate you as a person.