Session 028 - The New World


Hello Son,

When the planet ascends to the fifth dimension, almost entirely the old third dimensional structures will be finished. Do not be alarmed.

Why stay with structures that are outdated, instead a better and modern model will be born, which is more appropriate for the planet and a lot more suitable. When we mean structure, I refer to material things and thought.

The new thought will be based around the core of the Creator's energy and power, which is Love. Whatever you are trying to picture inside your minds right now, is not even close. Try multiplying it 1000 times, this is more accurate.

The thought of the fifth density holds the creative elements as well as energy.

What does this mean?

By imagining something, we can have this at an instance, as it will materialise in front of our eyes. Do not be impressed, because you will be able to move mountains, by directing ones thought. It is why being positive in our lives, our minds are free from turbulent influences that cause harm.

I am glad you are looking forward to this and you can already feel the veils inside your mind lifting; as more energy and inspiration will guide you for the rest of the months.

Your calmness in difficult circumstances will increase the thought energy waves of your mind, body soul complex. This is a higher spiritual thinking you have adopted for such a long time, in fact over thirty years.

The prize of many for your patience, I will reveal in the next channelling.

Your mother immensely proud.