Session 027 - The Earth’s crust


Hello Son,

The changes to the earth have begun; this is going to be slow in the beginning then a sudden turn. This is all that we can inform you right now, do not be alarmed.

To move to the fifth density dimension, the main energy and the biggest, is the planet Earth. Compared to the population of the Earth, there is real regard for the planet. It is easy to say ‘save the trees’ or ‘the rain forest’; but do we really have a connection, like a two way conversation with a person? The answer is simple, no.

This is because most of the people do not regard the planet as a massive energy that inspires the cells in the body to do something. It is like an immediate boost of energy. However, this houses the universal laws. It serves multiple purposes and is simply better described as Mother Earth.

For ascension to occur rapidly and make the process complete, the plane must ascend and give out its energy to the survivors to nourish and feed the mind, new body complex.

All who survive will rejoice as they know inside that they have ascended; there will be much planetary changes as the Earth wants to ascend and go back to its former glory.

As the planet completes its changes, there will be a complete rebirth of the foundation of its core to the surface. It will sprout new plants and shrubbery never seen before. Trees will litter the surrounding, like a carpet. The observer will marvel in excitement of the scenery. Mankind will be reduced to tears to see the glory of the planet; it will be beyond your wildest dream. Fifth density survivors will walk through the meadows and the hills with the sun shining, and a gentle breeze will be felt on ones cheeks.

There will be caverns leading down to the crust, which will be filled with violet crystals and also precious stones will be filled like a carpet spread.

The Earth will embrace you as you will connect with its energies and feel its vibration through your body and start your schooling.

Your mother rejoicing in the changes.