Session 025 - The messages


Hello Son,

The messages we give daily carry weight and immense guidance for those who know how to listen. They carry energy to fulfil the greatest of ambition and nothing is small for the Creator as his might is big as infinity. Scientists of today cannot measure infinity but the Creator knows this knowledge.

The messages we give in these sacred months will guide those who wish to move forward into the fifth dimension and into ascension.

The messages we give, will inspire a generation to improve the quality of life. The devil will try to mislead you into bankruptcy, but he is so weak to the positive mind.

The messages we give will power the energies inside to regenerate every single cell into a new vibration that will house a million messages inside.

The messages we give in the coming months will make a change to the spiritual growth that will make understanding easy and all senses will be highly tuned.

The messages we give carry nutrition to feed the body of a tonic that is better than a thousand meals.

The messages we give house the knowledge of all the cosmos and beyond for those who know how to access them through meditation.

It is time to read and act upon them in confidence. It is through our actions when time and space changes and the universe bows down to serve mankind their deeds and pleasure. Yet we have forgotten this, but this is the time to remember. Do not take these messages lightly as the future is changing around you, if you only knew.

These messages are powerful so take heed and act upon them and take advice from the author.

Your mother who wishes all who read these words, to move forward in confidence.