Session 024 - The five senses


Hello Son,

For so long we use the senses at a limited capacity and we doubt what they can actually do. Just like our minds that the scientists say we only use 10% and ignore the 90% as unimportant. The scientists further add, as they do not understand, label part of the DNA as junk, because they simply, do not understand.

Mankind through the understanding of its senses now needs to use them differently. The senses have been used to look outwardly, to fulfil the desires of the material world. As mankind is upgrading to the fifth dimension we need to look inward.

The five senses can be used when we direct inwards to the heart. We remind you that it is the time to meditate within the heart as all secrets are hidden and waiting to be found.

The senses will explode into life and reveal the news we all want to hear. This news is spiritual and is vast as the universe. It is time for everyone to listen, feel and here the voice of the heart through the senses.

Practice and direct all of them inwards, as this is the correct way to use them. The mind will translate the message and guide the higher consciousness. New ideas will fill the mind with new inspiration.

We remind you again that these three months are sacred and should be used to improve the consciousness to the fifth dimension. Millions of people will awake in these three months, whether they know it or not. A change will happen to them, even they will not understand. A few know the full story as they will lead mankind forward to the gardens of the Earth that awaits them.

Look inwards and be patient and then listen in silence.

Your mother whose senses are fully directed inwards.