Session 022 - The Promise


Hello Son,

Soon the world will witness the heaven on Earth as written in all of the holy books and foretold by all of the prophets. The Creator always keeps his promises and He is best in guiding mankind.

Do not worry about yourselves for the coming events and catastrophes. They are necessary for the collective consciousness to evolve from third to fifth density. Man must be constantly reminded about changes and be reassured, as some maybe frightening. So be gentle with your words but rest assured you are the best for the job in hand. As we remind you again, there is no worthy person than you.

To help to achieve ascension, mankind must remember to clear out the clutter that fills his head. To do this there must be a material clear out or changes to develop new thoughts and pleasing surroundings. This is necessary to create new thinking that will develop and feed the new surroundings in your environment. Mankind must also trust himself and praise himself for the hardship he has endured during his life.

On many occasions you have been down and felt alone. Your torment was sometimes difficult and this made you cry. But remember, you carried on regardless, even though the pain in your mind lingers on.

You have truly passed the test and deserve the freedom of the heaven on Earth that the Creator has promised. Seek it now and make it your reality. It is the thoughts that will change and speed up the process of ascension, so be positive and think brightly.

Do not let the forthcoming events worry you to hide yourself away from the world, but fill the world with your positive energies. My son, you are a wonderful example to the family that all should follow and they are doing more as the days go by.

The time will go quickly so create your reality, visualise the heaven on Earth. It will be beautiful beyond your dreams and I too cannot wait for this precious moment. There will be flowers the eye will see and trees that cover the hills with pride.

Heaven on Earth is coming, sing the praises and rejoice.

Your mother serving mankind with her love.