Session 020 - The mind that cries out


Hello Son,

As the time approaches, the mind, body and soul complex is crying out to be heard. Yes this is the time to listen to our hearts and our higher consciousness. It is more tuned than ever before and it keeps calling out to be heard. Yet each day we refuse to listen to the voice in our heads.

We are not mad, but it is the higher consciousness that wants to guide you in these sacred times.

We remind you again that the months of September, October and November are the sacred months for prayers. The energies are vast and yet subtle and nourishing to the body. The Creator is sending all his angels to aid ascension and anybody that wishes to learn spiritual knowledge. He is even instructing the angels to help those who wish to ascend.

It is time to sit in silence and listen to your heart and the mind will guide you.

Oh mankind, try harder and even harder to listen to your hearts. The voice will call out your name and when that moment comes you will rejoice in satisfaction. The world is only a pastime; the real adventure is soon to begin.

The veil in our mind, heart and thinking is being lifted, so try harder to listen in silence. Keep your belief strong and look after your families with extra care. It is their love they send you that will help you in the time of reckoning.

Yes we say again the veil is being lifted, oh mankind rejoice, because soon you will understand.

Have a routine that is for yourself to practice prayer and meditation. Nothing will go to a waste, but it will be rewarded. The Creator is listening so pray to Him and ask for forgiveness and gratitude for the life you have led.

Your mother with compassion and forgiveness.