Session 019 - You are guided


Hello Son,

Many people all around the world know about the changes that will occur before and during ascension. It is every where on the internet and in books. Some are accurate and others are over exaggerated. However, there is much fear in the hearts of many people, wondering about the coming changes in the year ahead.

Why do you worry, are you not guided? We have been training you over the year for this truly majestic event. So fear not, you will be saved and so will the many that chose their life carefully and have been selected to ascend, whether they know it or not. So be strong in your hearts and carry on as normal as much as you can.

The Creator has a secret plan and He knows the results of the coming months. He is caring and forgiving and is generous with your deeds, in the time of reckoning. So fear not but listen to your guides who know the event.

We remind you again, this is the time to celebrate as man will reach their full potential and all will be revealed to him. Immediately, the people will understand and praise the lord for His kindness and for saving them from the great catastrophe to come.

Man truly is fortunate at this time period compared to the millions of years ago. Even the aliens are coming to watch with excitement and jealousy. They all wished it could happen to them and go through the changes to their own planet. But one day their time will come.

All who read this, you have a choice, to carry on with your lives and ascend with the others or forget and dismiss the whole year as a charade. But your hearts know the answer; so wise the heart is. It is instructing you that the author is worthy of praise of the highest order and he writes the truth. So listen, read and practice meditation.

You are all guided and you will ascend no matter what. So keep the faith and believe strongly and keep this close to you heart.

Your mother, wise and keeper of all hidden knowledge that will be revealed at the right time.