Session 018 - The rise of man


Hello Son,

By the end of the year, mankind will search for the truth and many who lied and caused havoc on the land will be running scared. They cower and hide, but there will be no respite for them as they misled the world and spilled blood over the land. Shame and embarrassment they will suffer as they try to hide from themselves.

The Creator will hunt them down and reveal them to the world of what terrible lies and bloodshed they have done to the planet.

Many in the beginning wondered if they got away with it, but no, The Creator will expose those that have caused mischief and mankind will mock and be disgusted by what they have done.

The news will be covered with traitors, liars and those who corrupted the souls of the innocent. It will be the time for the rise of man, the rise of the innocent. They will be wiser than ever before and man will never trust leaders ever again.

Mankind will start to look inside themselves and search for the truth. Spiritual knowledge will be widespread and easy to follow. They will inherit knowledge and wisdom quickly as man nears ascension.

Only the Creator knows the exact time but it is everywhere, ascension starts from the heart; so look inside and meditate.

Rid yourselves of the doubt and believe the event will happen.

Rid yourselves of the corruptness and selfishness, but promote honesty and gratitude.

Satan is panicking, he is losing his power and his followers are forsaking him. The dark evil ones will set loose of their pathetic plan, but the wise will laugh at their faces. They will cower in embarrassment and wonder why they had done it in the first place.

The Creator again will expose those that have caused mischief.

Your mother reassuring mankind that the false will be found out.