Session 017 - The coming floods


Hello Son,

The floods are coming, it will be severe and there will be no respite. They are necessary for two reasons; to elevate the compassionate nature of mankind from the selfishness; the other reason to rid the population of doubters and those who will have to wait for another opportunity to ascend.

There will be disasters in the form of earthquakes too and many lives will be lost around the world at different locations. The media will try to hide most of the destruction but the local population will cry in despair.

Be positive, through the floods will come relief. Many will pull together and cooperate with what they have. They will quickly realise that there is more to life than the material world.

Love will fill the atmosphere again and the planet will be grateful to receive this influx of energy for mankind. Some will realise and suddenly awaken; the Creator will embrace them in their worries. He never forsakes those who need help.

Many countries and leaders will send relief to these countries and some will leave their jobs to help. It will make them realise how vulnerable they are. The powerful countries will seem weak as they too will suffer their fate.

The floods are coming, there is nothing you can do but keep the faith as there will be many positive signs.

Help those who need help and give plenty of what you have. The Creator will multiply it ten times for what you will give.

Your mother through despair there is hope and compassion.