Session 016 - End the curse of doubting things


Hello Son,

For any progress to be made and goals to be fulfilled, we must remain positive over the coming months. Do not play the game of Satan; he is the one who causes doubt in your mind. He is the one who wishes mankind to stray away from the path.

Satan is panicking at this moment as he is aware that the planet and mankind are ascending. His power over everyone is diminishing, so do not make it easy for him.

End the curse of doubting things and be positive and hopeful that the time will be soon when we can rejoice and praise each other. Yes the time is close and ascension is a must; the Creator never goes back against his promise, first made to Adam.

Mankind is so fortunate that he will remember all the knowledge that was bestowed to him. If you have forgotten, then look into your heart and find the secret and jewels of understanding.

Do not give up; keep faith strongly to your heart as you carry on with your daily lives. He is never going to abandon you but will carry you in difficult times in life.

To speed up the process, keep meditating and be positive in everything you do, even the things that you hate. This is a higher level of thinking so promote this in your daily lives and do not criticise each other over silly little things.

There is much to learn over the coming months, when you carry on with your daily lives and chores. Your lives are still precious as there are many lessons to be learnt still. Be active and keep a look out for signs that explodes inside your mind in excitement. This will be a guide from your higher self.

Your mother in anticipation of the great event.