Session 015 - Levels of consciousness


Hello Son,

The levels of consciousness are the levels of remembering. The more we remember the knowledge within our hearts the more awake we are.

Intelligence is about remembering and accessing the knowledge and transferring this to our minds for interpretation.

However, spiritual knowledge is a level higher. It has deeper understanding of the laws of knowledge that govern the existence of the universal.

Meditation is the highest level of prayer a person can do as it focuses on the silence and away from the distractions of the world. This is the secret of life that man has forgotten to do regularly.

The more awake we become the person’s intuitive and instinctive levels increase. Man is made of the reflection of the Creator’s attribute and he has shared his knowledge and understanding to His best creation.

We remind you again that these next three months are the holiest months in the existence of mankind on this planet, as they will awake people who listen.

But how do we listen, it is easy, start listening to your heart and listen again and again. Entertain the desires you seek but be mindful as the dark forces will try to mislead you away.

The heart is the key to all knowledge and desires.

When a person’s heart opens, his level of consciousness increases, as wisdom is inherited. This new opening will change your life and a person can make accurate judgement in life.

Your mother reminding all the value of having an open and loving heart.