Session 014 - Silence before the storm


Hello Son,

Today is the start of the silence and the peace within the mind. The Creator is giving all who wish to ascend this space for evaluating their lives and for personal spiritual development. It is a golden opportunity to meditate and contemplate within the heart chakra.

It is in the heart the secrets of the past are kept safe.

Those who believe, take this time for yourself and search for the peace and happiness we all crave for in life. The heart will lead you the way as it will respond to your thoughts and will gladly show you, even now.

The world is still chaotic and some are even in a worse state than they were a year ago. These are the ones who are living material lives and happiness is all but short, as they go through this vicious cycle of trying to find inner peace.

They do not realise that the world is all temporary and everything associated with it decays away and falls apart. The world is simply a distraction from the truth that lies within our hearts.

Seek inner peace by meditating and believing that there is a superior being in The Creator who has created all things and knowledge of everything visible and non visible things.

Anything else, we should keep it in the back of the mind.

This is the start of the silence and the peace before the catastrophes that will follow soon to wake up the consciousness and the compassion of man.

Do not be alarmed but be at peace as the Creator has everything under control.

Your mother requiring everyone who reads this message to meditate on the heart chakra.