Session 013 - Take charge of my life


Hello Son,

Ascension is about being in control in everything that you do. When a person is in control and is aware of all the circumstances and results, he is using the higher consciousness to guide him. Most are not aware of this yet they do the right thing almost naturally.

Being in control, means that you avoid the extreme emotions that ruin and cloud a person’s judgement.

We have all been in a situation where we have felt extreme anger about something and trying to make a rational judgement is almost impossible. Emotion blur’s our spiritual perception almost like connecting to a radio station and getting all the mixed noises in between. This is because the channel has not picked up the correct station. This happens all the time yet we are totally unaware of it.

Being in charge results in you being thorough and organised, as the Creator too, is organised. If you wish to ascend, time should be spent wisely on the event.

However, one thing that will pull you behind is doubt or a lack of belief in the event. There should be no barriers between yourself and the Creator. This will lead you further away from the spiritual truth that we all wish to see for ourselves.

The question you must ask yourself is are you in charge of your life and making decisions that are soothing and nourishing your body. This can be settled by simply judging how you feel, if it is anxious then you know that certain changes have to be made.

Rest assure, through prayer and sacrifice, the Creator will guide you to the truth of the heavens, the galaxies and beyond the cosmos.

Wish it and then seek for it, keep this in your mind as you battle on with your consciousness each day.

But remember to enjoy every part of your life when the opportunities arise.

Your mother wishing all mankind to believe and make changes to ones life.