Session 012 - Be mindful of one’s thoughts


Hello Son,

In this third dimensional world, thoughts do play a role in our lives. It is these thoughts we try to entertain and some are our dreams. We are constantly thinking away or working things out in our mind, playing an endless game of constant chatter.

On numerous occasions, we let our thoughts run wild until we get exhausted of them or are disturbed in doing something active to snap ourselves out. We have no control of what we think; it is for this very reason life is a mismatch of success and failure.

Meditation brings the chaos of these thoughts into focus; many around the world have achieved this and are able to lead happy lives.

When we ascend, our thoughts must be perfect. Purity of the heart can only be achieved when we successfully think positively most of the time. This is not difficult if we start practicing now.

The life we lead is a start, by doing the right moral things, leads to positive thinking. As soon as we begin to do things wrong or start lying, our mind goes into reverse with negativity and destruction of the cells that ignite the spark of the fifth dimensional world.

We remind you again that ascension to the fifth dimension can only be achieved through positive thought and love of oneself and sacrifice of the material world; through good actions and kindness shown to fellow people and other creations. By respecting nature and respecting the surroundings we live in.

It is perfection we seek; if we seek perfection in the material world, we will make our ascension a lot easier.

It is easy if we all try and help each other, by staying away from the pollutions that plague the mind and the body.

So be mindful of your thoughts, and lead a pure life full of love of the things that you enjoy. Nature is an example of perfection so start there and admire the beauty.

Your mother who is delighted in giving you this remarkable news to you.