Session 010 - The Arrangement


Hello Son,

You ask in detail of the coming, I your mother will explain.

On arrival of the first comet, it will signify the start of ascension of mankind, to those who took heed and were mindful of what they say. The comet will light up the sky like a firework, but only in certain parts of the world. But many will not be able to see this beautiful event.

The Creator has wished it as a celebration for all of mankind’s achievements past and present.

This comet will signify and ignite the humility and compassion within oneself. It is a reminder to mankind, to care and be responsible, by giving more to charity. It is this compassion which is lacking in modern day society as we have lost ourselves to the material world.

There is so much selfishness and obsession to oneself where compassion and kindness is not regularly practiced. The comet will show its power and glory on its arrival.

On arrival of the second comet, it will signify to mankind the lack of understanding and knowledge of the event (ascension) worldwide. Though millions are aware of it, far too many are doing nothing. This comet will make most people look up to the heavens and wonder in amazement. It will make everyone, witnessing the event to ask the question, ‘What’s going on?’

This comet will make people active in finding the truth than ever before. Those who are partially awake will pursuit, in a quest to find further proof of the event. Many people will start meditating and take part in other means of spiritual communications.

The spiritually wise, will be kept busy during this time while others will be afraid.

The coming of the last comet will signify the start of further spiritual growth of the planet and all of mankind. It will ignite the spark of those energy centres that have lied dormant for many years. Many will begin to understand and find the jigsaw pieces that had been missing in their lives.

It will be a material change in life for many as disputes in country and family circles get resolved. This is the start of the cleansing necessary for ascension to take place, only for those who have not gone through this process before.

The change will be material at first, before a spiritual change can be activated. This is necessary as a piece of mind is essential for positive energy to flood into the body, mind and soul complex.

For those who are already awake or partially awake, it will be a big increase in perceptive and intuitive abilities. For some their third eye will be fully active.

Sadly, many will deny and even turn their heads away from this sacred event. They are the stubborn and egotistic souls who only care for themselves and material wealth of goods. These people will still be spiritually blind and will never wake up to the truth.

However, the Creator has shown His mercy with some people, and delayed this awakening to a later date. As this may cause, unnecessary pressure for those who’ve had difficult upbringing and stressful lives.

Mankind will realise the Creator’s wishes and many will awake and find their higher consciousness within themselves and communicate with their souls.

A prize awaits those who succeed.

11-11-11 (i.e. 11-November-2011) will signify the maximum energy available at this time to the world. Every corner of the world will receive this energy, whether you wish it or not.

Your mother advising mankind of the event.