Session 009 - How to prepare


Hello Son,

There is so much information around the world that claim they know how to prepare for ascension and the natural disasters associated with it.

Can you prepare better than the Creator?

Do you claim that you have the answer to survive?

Do you know the date?

Writers claim they have answers, but how could they when the Creator has not set the date or decided Mankind’s fate.

The final details are still being discussed, to make sure and give every chance for mankind to ascend.

To prepare is not to barricade yourself in a bunker or hideaway or be a recluse in a hill. This is not the Creator’s wish, but to carry on with your lives as normal and spend time contemplating or meditating.

Preparation of the soul is more important then living in fear for the inevitable event. The Creator does not wish mankind to fear the event but to embrace it and rejoice.

This is a celebration and a victory for the father of mankind, Adam. It was he who volunteered in the heavens to go through this turbulent zone, as described earlier.

We remind mankind that the sacred months are here and should be spent making a connection with oneself and the Creator. It is better to find the answers through oneself then live in fear of the event.

You can only prepare mentally through contemplation; we remind you again and again. Find yourself through the higher consciousness and seek the rewards.

Your mother in delight of the event that will shape the world.