Session 007 - The Coming


Hello Son,

There will be three comets coming close to the earth and this will signify the start of ascension. The first one, in the middle to the end of September, followed by two others in October and November. There will be a considerable increase of energies flooding planet Earth as a result of these comets. Those who have not awakened will awake and those who are awake will increase their intuitive skills and spiritual perception.

The three months are sacred and it is advisable those who wish to increase their perception further, should meditate as much as they can. The Creator through His mercy has given mankind every opportunity to ascend by sending higher vibration energies to Earth.

However, due to the gravitational disturbances caused by the comets, there will be earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. As a result there will be considerable loss of life.

But this will bring compassion to the survivors and increase the chance of them ascending. It will seem hopeless but there is a good side to all the deaths that occur around the world, so do not give up hope.

Your mother giving you the message for the start of ascension.