Session 005 - Do not break the trust, Part 2


Hello Son,

Do you think that you can fool yourself in your actions or doings? How could you; it will (higher self) remind you, what you want and have done. The thought will come into your minds until you forgive or undo the event.

Why is it so important, not to break the trust?

Because there are multitudes of events that happen simultaneously as we have described earlier that take time to heal.

The worst is to break the trust with your Creator who gave you permission to live in this world, feed you and clothed you. Do we ever give thanks or do we take it as granted?

He gives you oxygen to breathe and decorates your surroundings for your pleasure, so you would give thanks.

Now you know, do not cause ripples in the atmosphere, but spray it with perfume, to enhance its surrounding so that the cells of your body can too enjoy its pleasure.

Love the people who have helped and guided you in your lifetime without asking for any reward. Embrace them and thank them and keep them in your hearts for they helped you in your time of need.

Do not break the trust in any relationships, with family, your higher self and the Creator.

If you do, then ask for forgiveness over and over again, and hold your belief strongly that you will be forgiven. Take care of the people you have hurt and make every effort to put things right.

It is important to forgive yourself and not to torture these thoughts inside your mind. Forgive yourself then leave the rest to the Creator to put things right.

Enjoy your life and carry on, knowing that the Creator is working putting things right again.

The Creator loves you and will never leave your side when you call upon Him. Believe and believe again and again that He will put things right.

Enjoy the fruits of this world as they are for you.

Your mother in awe and amazement, through despair, there is hope.