Session 004 - Do not break the trust, Part 1


Hello Son,

There are three types of relationships that carry weight, with friends and family, higher self and the Creator.

When a person realises and begins the journey of finding himself for the path that leads to the Creator, it does not matter what religion or beliefs he holds in his heart. The journey is the same no matter what.

The person walking this path must remember that each step he takes, he must not upset or destabilise the surroundings he lives in or upset others. When we take this journey, we are surrounded with the Creator's love, as positive energy fills the air and the atmosphere. Automatically events happen without thinking, due to the mercy and kindness of the Creator. Simply whatever we do is correct, in our workplace or with the family.

This can collapse when we start to judge or mistrust anyone. We have to realise that not everyone is the same and everyone has their own opinions. We seldom look into a person’s heart or praise for the things that he has done.

Mankind has a selfish habit that is he continues to judge people without consulting any worthy person or higher self. But why judge at all?

Love binds the fabric in time and space that ends all uncertainty.

Love forgives and never pollutes the atmosphere, but enhances with the scent of perfumes in our surroundings. It reassures and begs to be joined into the same fabric of space with the same person/s that is positive.

Trust is love, which folds into that space, created by the need and then embraces it. Why does mankind want to lose or destroy this harmony and select to be selfish?  If they only knew the consequences of their actions!

When we have an argument, someone will get hurt and create ripples in space caused by their actions. The atmosphere will become polluted and we will inhale and absorb this rancid odour. It is for this reason why we feel ill or emotionally upset. It permeates inside each of our cells and stops or diminishes its capabilities.

Do you now understand what you have done?

A person’s mental state can decline and this emotional pain can stay with him for some time. He may re-act the event over and over again in his mind, searching what that person has done wrong to cause so much pain inside. The balance and positivity will be destroyed until that person recovers.

Tread carefully if you wish to join the souls of ascension and be embraced with the love of the Creator. Do not accept that this is guaranteed, but work hard to improve yourselves, relationships and the people you come in contact with, on a daily basis.

As a person who has woken up to the truth, you will be judged differently to those who have not.

Ask for forgiveness and live in harmony and love.

Believe this will happen.

Your mother using the words of the Creator to give you this message.