Session 003 - Connection through Love


Hello Son,

For a relationship to prosper there must be mutual respect and love between both parties. When there is, we can anticipate on occasions what a partner is thinking. This happens daily and with friends; we naturally guess what a person wants or are going to do.

However, when there is limited understanding, then opposite experiences are felt; from confusement to absolutely no understanding. Apathy and hopelessness grows between the couple or friend, ending with in some case, separation and divorce.

Love is a powerful energy that forgives and feeds a person. We are elevated to a higher plane that is full of positive vibration and we feel excited all over.

This is love from the third dimension, but when things go bad we quickly change our mood and the opposite negative emotions are felt and then feel destructive.

In spiritual love, there are no conditions or expectations as this grows through spiritual practice. This is a higher form of love which is unconditional and intensifies the more we make a connection through the Creator.

The Creator loves mankind without prejudice, religion or looks. He accepts us wholeheartedly. He does not set conditions. He embraces and feeds the energy that nourishes every cell in our body.

Love of the Creator together with respect, is vital to experience this powerful energy that envelopes each creation in every corner of each galaxy.

Spiritual love is the combination of the heart and the mind working in perfect harmony, opening up the desires that connect with the higher self to experience these phenomena. Every time we connect to the higher self we use this energy and the vibrations from the Creator.

When we connect, we are free from any attachments as this is purest form of love that grows each time.

When we talk to any spiritual person or master, their love is experienced immediately.

A person can also connect with another through spiritual love, through understanding and forgiveness as many times as possible.

Your mother through spiritual love, I give you this message to be read over and over again.