Session 002 - Pine trees


Hello Son,

In the beginning, all things from minerals, mountains, fish, reptiles, trees and plants, animals and man were created. They all combined together to inhabit the world we live in; this is a carefully balanced ecosystem where all thrive and receive their daily requirements from the Creator and their surroundings.

The world provides for their needs and shelter and even their education. Now, we need to pause and think why a mineral or a mountain needs education?

All creations in this world communicate with each other and even teach. They constantly work in harmony and peace feeding the ecosystem around them from the energies they emit. Except for man, the creations are mostly positive all the time as their emotions are not up or down like mankind's.

Why cannot man communicate with these creations?

The answer we know ourselves and that is we are not tuned into them and their vibrations. However, we can increase the level by meditating close to a pine tree.

Pine trees act as antennas, if you notice your garden has two enormous ones.
Together they combine and give a better connection, whosoever meditates or channels near them.

We can access from the pool of infinite and the universal knowledge, whatever we require or what we focus on. The pine trees were made for this purpose, there is nothing extra we need to do but focus around or near them.

Your mother aiding the people who wish to ascend to the fifth dimension.