Session 001 - Power words


Hello Son,

Congratulations for awakening some members of the family. They have truly understood the meaning of your channelling and were truly inspired without any prejudices.

Contained in each of the channelling are power words that ignite the mind, body and soul of a person. If he is positive or in a happy mood and reads with an open mind then that person will quickly awake. This awakening, depending on the person is a gradual process.

Power words contain the attributes of the Creator and its power in its manifestation. As some people reading the channelling, will experience a pleasant feeling inside which is the ignition of the mind, body and soul complex. When a person reads regularly with an open mind, these power words contained in each of the sessions come into action and start feeding the body.

These words are powerful so the process of awakening is gradual as not to put any pressure on the person. There are no side effects as the Creator is aware of the needs of the body. He is the best of all types of knowledge and is also aware of the state of the body.

So read with trust and with an open mind.

Your mother who is proud and amazed of your quick success in awakening others.