AMD009 - Pomegranate Tree

I saw a dream that I was in a place named “Qaaba Qosain”.  I was in a trance and going around the place as though I was looking for something.  After a long search I found a pomegranate tree.  On that tree there were only green leaves, no fruit or flowers.  I was still going around the tree very passionately, and thinking if I couldn’t find the thing that I was searching for I would go empty handed.

Then I see my mum, elder sister and a few members of my family.  They said to me, “Go and search thoroughly.  Now the time has come when God will reward you.”  I increased my speed and looked more determinedly.

I felt that God is very near to me.  He put his hand to the centre of the tree, picked a pomegranate and gave it to me.  He said to me, “Saida, this is perfection of your desires.  You know in all the gardens in Heaven, this is the only pomegranate tree, although Heaven is full of all varieties of fruit trees.”  He kept repeating the same words over and over again for a long time.

I was looking at Him in great surprise; I couldn’t believe that there was only one pomegranate tree in all the Heavens, when there are a huge number of other fruit trees.  Listening to God repeatedly, I gradually came out of my wonderland, and after a long time I realized the whole thing.  Then I started to say, “I know, I know.”  When I woke up I was repeating the same thing.