AMD007 - Large diamond was me

It was 1955 when I saw this dream:

The mattresses were lying on the floor in the largest room of our house.  It was night time.  My mother was sleeping in the middle, I was lying next to her and my six sisters were lying on either side of my mother.  

We were all in a deep sleep.  Then my mum woke up and got out of bed, but because I was sleeping next to her, her motion woke me up, although she was very careful not to wake us.  

She was wearing a beautiful silk sari, with lots of tiny diamonds stitched on it.  With silent steps she stood in the corner of the room with her back towards us.  She was holding a corner of the sari in her fist.  When she sensed that no one was watching her she opened her fist and started to stare at her palm.

I became curious and could not stop myself in becoming involved.  Treading softly and gently I reached closer to her and touched her shoulder, saying mischievously, “I know what you are looking at mother.”  

She was amazed at my interruption and tried to hide the sari’s corner in her fist.  Her face was illuminated with joy and satisfaction.  I tickled her to open her fist and we both laughed.  We were both in a very happy mood.  At last she opened her fist.  The sari’s corner was lying on her palm and a large diamond was stitched on it.  It was shining like a star and looked precious.  I looked at it and said in a jovial mood, “You cannot hide from me mum, I know your secret now.”  She laughed and said, “I know nothing could be kept secret from you.”

My instinct told me that diamond was myself.