AMD006 - The necklace of pearls

I saw this dream in 1957:

I was sitting on a chair in our backyard and in the opposite corner my three younger sisters were playing together.  They were just innocent little girls reaching their teens.  I saw myself as a fully matured young woman and didn’t have any interest in playing with kids.  

I was in deep concentration reading a book when I heard my sister shouting me.  That drove my attention towards them.  All three seemed to be very excited and as I watched them they were jumping and thrilled, and their voices were getting louder and louder, “O sister look at that, look at the sky.  O, how pretty they are.”  

Their hands were extended upwards as if they were ready to grab something.

I had never seen them so excited and my instinct told me that there must be some significant reason.  I looked up and was amazed by what I saw.  There were three lines of stars like a necklace of pearls, lying from one end to the other in the sky:


They were shining like pearls.  It was a beautiful sight.  My sisters persuaded me to get this star necklace for them.  I asked them, “Do you really want that?”  They answered me merrily in chorus, “O yes please, can we have that?”

Looking at them I thought they are such innocent children.  They must get it if they want it.  I felt motherly affection for them.  I asked, “What will you do with it?”  They all answered simultaneously, “We will play with it.”  Their innocence made me laugh and I said to them, “Alright, here it is, your wish come true.”  The next moment the garland of stars was in my lap.  All three were jumping with joy when I gave them the necklace.

I felt the joy of Mother Nature at that moment.