AMD004 - Wonders of Heaven

In my dream I saw I was a beautiful young girl who had an innocent mind.  I was walking along a road.  Suddenly I saw Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h.).  He was a very young and handsome man with a beard, whose face was clean and shining like a rose petal.  I felt very impressed to see this glowing personality and thought he is entirely Noor (Divine Light).

He perceived my mind and looked at me with a smile and motioned for me to come nearer.  I hurriedly went closer to him.  I was bursting with joy.  He held my hand and took me in a lift saying, “We are taking you on a journey of the Heavens.  Within a split second this lift reached Heaven and (Prophet Mohammed) showed me the wonders of the Heavens.

During the whole journey I felt like an innocent child and kept asking questions about everywhere we went and everything we saw.  He answered all of my questions cheerfully.  We both enjoyed travelling together.

After a long time we returned to Earth through that high-speed lift, and then we embraced and said farewell to each other.