AMD003 - Noor Light

I was sitting in my house.  In the room my deceased daughter is sleeping.  Also in the room there was my grandmother, great grandmother, Aunt and many other female relatives who had passed away.  They were happily talking.

I was sitting in the corner by the window, and taking no notice of their conversation.  I felt that my heart was searching for something.  Suddenly I looked at the sky from the window and saw three rays of Noor light, which were parallel to each other.  As soon as I saw these rays, my heart acknowledged, “I was searching for this light.”

In a glance I found myself along these rays.  I was constantly looking at this light and I felt a strong desire to absorb it.  This desire was so great that it seemed to be the sole aim and purpose of my entire life.  I was flying and following these rays of Noor with all my hearts desire – then I saw an Eye, which was looking at me and the rays of light.

In fact this Eye’s vision surrounds the entire Universe.  Then I see the sight of this – I am following the rays of light with all my hearts desires, with all my attentions, and then Satan come after me.  

His intention is to draw my attention away from the light and throw me down to the earth.  I was not aware of the presence of Satan.  My whole attention was fixed on that light.  Before Satan got close, I heard someone shouting in a furious rage, “O, disastrous, what are you doing here?”  The next moment a burning flame got him and his whole body melted like nylon fabric in the fire.  I heard a loud scream from Satan and his melted and shrunken body fell down to the earth.  It was black like tarmac.

At the same time I am enclosed in a circle of light with the three rays of Noor light and we were still continuously flying in the same way.  I had my full attention on those rays and my eyes were absorbing that Noor for a long time.  Then I felt saturated and a thought reminded me of my daughter whom I had left sleeping down on the earth.  

She will cry if she wakes up, not seeing me around.  Instantly I found myself on the doorstep of my house.  As I entered the room, my daughter who was sleeping in a position of prostration woke up and shouted, “Mama.”  I ran towards her and picked her up in my arms, hugging her passionately.  I heard my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s voice simultaneously saying, “Look at her.  We have been sitting here chatting and laughing for a long time, but still she remained fast asleep.  As soon as her mother puts her foot in the room she wakes up.”  Then they all laughed merrily.  I didn’t say a word.  I smiled and continued hugging and kissing my little one.