AMD002 - The Eagle

I was sitting in a room in my house, staring outside from the window.  Suddenly I saw a staircase stood in my backyard.  It was so long from the bottom reaching up into the sky.  Near the sky an eagle was sitting on the last step of the ladder.  

The eagle was very beautiful and I could not stop myself from falling in love with it at first sight.  I madly, passionately wanted to get this eagle.

This desire pushed me to take immediate action on a sudden impulse.  Instantly I had the urge to go out and start climbing the ladder, and I did so quickly.  I had nothing in my mind but wanting to get this eagle, as it seemed the sole purpose of my life at the time.  My eyes were continuously on him as I was impatiently trying to reach him.  

At last my breathtaking journey came to an end and I finally took the eagle in my arms.  At the same time when I held him in my arms a door opened in the sky, and I entered through the door carrying the eagle close to my chest.  At that moment I felt so peaceful and satisfied that I had fulfilled my task.