AMD001 - Rehel

My age was approximately 13 years when I saw a dream:

I was sat in a room.  In front of me there was placed a very large Rehel (A stand for the Quran) on which a huge Quran was placed.  I could see a hand formed of light up to the wrist.  This hand opened the Quran and a voice said, “Wake up.  Get up.  We wait to teach you the Quran.”  

This hand moved along each line teaching me to read the Quran and also said, “Have you not read the Quran?  Do you not know what guidance we have given in the Quran?  Look we have written in it that God displeased this.  This is why you have to wake up and learn the knowledge of the Quran, so that the Creator is pleased with you.  Have we not said in the Quran why we have sent our wrath on the people before you?  This is why – so wake up, that you can be saved from the wrath of God.”  

In this way the hand moved along each line, teaching me the whole Quran.

When I woke up I realised that this was a true dream and that God wanted to bestow upon me the knowledge of the Quran.  From that day the desire to learn the Quran became very strong.  I believed that the knowledge I wanted to gain of the unseen, I could attain from learning the knowledge of the Quran.